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Vanity™ Photo Booths are the most advanced photo booths on the market!

  • Our Custom Branding Options are endless!

    Let your imagination flow and we’ll surpass your expectations. For a full list of customization options shoot us a email or check out a few events we’ve done. Here’s a few options to get you excited about the booths.

    External Skin

    Can be any custom design, color or any bolt on shape.

    External Panel

    An 18″ x 24″ print to announce all the important information for your event.

    External Display

    A 20″ display shows anything from logos, pictures from the event that has been taken to video messages.

    Internal Display

    Show a welcome graphic or video greeting.

    Custom User Interface

    State of the art touch screen, customizable GUI, custom social sharing including Twitter and Facebook and unique email capture messages.

    Print Outs

    Any design from traditional 3-4 picture print outs to custom 4″ x 6″ prints… Anything you can think of… the booth can create!

    Video Messaging

    Capture video testimonials, 30 second to 60 second video clips are produced and available for download.

  • Data – What you want!

    To justify and to surpass your expectations, the data that can be gathered from your event is immense. Everyone knows Lead Generation is the best cold lead. Now throw social, web traffic and lead generation together and you’ve got the perfect avenue to get your brand out there.
    Email Capture

    The email capture functions as a way for the customer to get the pictures they took inside the Vanity™, it also enables you to ask for them to join your ever growing email list. Once they agree, you know a follow up email within the next few days about the event is what they’ll be expecting…

    Vanity Analytics

    We know how important analytics are. Thats why we provide you with information like:

    • How many prints were taken
    • How many times FaceBook or Twitter were accessed from The Vanity
    • A spreadsheet of all survey data

    Once the event has ended your pictures and video are uploaded to the Vanity™ cloud and are available for viewing. Either public or private with supplied code, we track how many hits, time spent and shares the gallery gets. Your gallery on the Vanity™ server can be skinned with your companies branding as well. Even add a quick survey to find out what everyone thought about your event!

    From the Vanity Gallery we provide:

    • Log in Times and Dates
    • Log in emails
    • Survey Data
    • All Social Media Activity from gallery
  • Vanity TextBack

    If instant gratification is what they want then thats what we’ll give them! Customize your Vanity TextBack message and the access code to your Vanity Gallery then stay in touch with them via text campaigns. Run a contest, incentivize online traffic, provide timely reminders about upcoming events, or just share fun facts! Let Vanity manage your ongoing text campaign in between events and we’ll link social media and mobile platforms and Vanity interactions for a powerful brand presence.

  • VanityVend

    Everyone agrees that Free = Fun! But we know that your goal is to increase data capture, on or off-site sales, or to guide customers through the experiential marketing journey you and your team have developed. VanityVend™ is the perfect solution.

    We generate a set of 4 digit codes which allow access to The Vanity Booth. These codes get placed on tickets, coupons, cards, you name it! Customers receive a code upon completion of a desired action then get to enjoy the fun and the experience of your brand.

    Help your customers experience whats really important by combining VanityVend™ with a Vanity Coupon layout and encourage guests to move along to the next portion of the event with an attractively designed incentive coupon.

  • Vanity Surveys

    Why not take the opportunity to find out exactly what your customers are thinking?

    Vanity Survey allows you to create a multiple choice survey that guests complete inside The Vanity Booth prior to taking photos. You choose the number of questions (1-5) and the answers (a-d). At the end of the event you’ll get a spreadsheet with the results!

    Use the on-line version of Vanity Survey when you opt to take advantage of the Vanity Event Gallery.

  • Social Sharing

    Why let great quality content which is already branded for your company go to waste? People love to share, tag and post, so we allow customers to Facebook and Tweet directly in the Vanity Booth and post the branded pics. Let the customers post to there profile, or you can download all the pictures then post to your profile, and have people tag themselves using Facebook.

    Keep the conversation going longer by allowing guests to tweet the fun, right from The Vanity Booth. You select the #hashtag and message that gets attached to each picture. Everything is linked back to your brand to create the perfect viral connection. If guests chose not to share (but really who wouldn’t?!) they still get the branded, lab quality photo in about 6 seconds.