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The Vanity™ Photo BoothIt’s about the Return on Investment…

Vanity Photo Booth Marketing is the latest innovation in promotional branding and advertising, creating a non-traditional, and unexpected media which allows for greater depth and breadth of market penetration.  By modernizing the timeless fun and familiar atmosphere of a Coney Island Style photo booth with the trendy white facade, clean lines, and LED lights, Vanity Photo Booth Marketing has created an advertising medium that will bring your customers to you!

Once you have their attention, Vanity’s proprietary software creates a full circle branding opportunity with multiple data capture opportunities, viral social media exposure, lead generation, branded digital and static billboards, instant lab quality branded prints, and more! VPB Marketing truly provides the brand manager a new, exciting and interactive option to add to their bag of tricks.

As the designer, manufacturer and software developer our goal is to help our customers increase brand awareness and their bottom line by helping them become better acquainted with their valued customers. We look forward to helping you do just that.

Why Vanity? Why anyone else!